"Vocalist James Murray of West Coast Soul puts on a great show with his unique and tasteful renditions of popular songs, and the crack R&B band that he fronts is always in the pocket. The band members obviously enjoy performing together, and that energy translates to an attentive audience that really gets into it as well. You guys are killinet!"  
About West Coast Soul
"I felt like I had front row seats to an amazing concert every time you played here!"
West Coast Soul is a 4 piece veteran rhythm section backing up 27 year old soul singer, James Murray. Drawing on the music of artists from Wilson Picket & Marvin Gaye, to Stevie Wonder & Al Green, to B. B. King & Ray Charles, to Otis Redding and the Temptations, West Coast Soul and James Murray deliver great arrangements and solid groves on soul and R&B tunes that were hits in the 60's and 70's. We’ll keep your crowd dancing!!
 West Coast Soul is a rehearsed, professional band that will be a pleasure to work with.
Absolute pro audio gear rounds out the package, our PA is your PA to use at the event!!
Give a look and listen to WCS on our Video Page!!
 Johnny Fabulous
Blaine Neagley 
Entertainment Director
Crow's Nest, Santa Cruz, CA
Manager Paradise Beach Grille, Capitola, CA
"Dance the night away at the Crow's Nest tonight to hits from Al Green, Stevie wonder, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Caldwell, Aloe Blacc, and more. James Murray blends the familiar soul anthems of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s with a modern ear and easily crosses between sub-genres.
West Coast Soul plays at Michael's On Main tonight, the band had received praise for its quality covers of such artists as James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and B.B. King."
Santa Cruz Sentinell
"How would I describe James Murray? Soulful. Whether you label him a Blue eyed soul, Neo-soul, Classic soul or any other kind of soul…. He is without question, soulful.
James Murray puts his thumbprint on each and every song, and satisfies….As far as I’m concerned, James Murray delivers and is among the finest of the young lions singing today"
Today's Best Bets
"West Coast Soul is a great band! We love you guys, we want this band playing here once a month, you're in."
Eric, Bar Mgr. Michael's On Main, Soquel, CA
West Coast Soul "is lively, fun, and keeps them dancing all night!"
Jeff DeRoza Bar Mgr. & Bookings, Severino's Aptos
  With the addition of West Coast Soul to our venue this year, ‘A Taste of Santa Cruz’ rocked
the Cocoanut Grove.  The fun, dance vibe created by this high energy group was the element our event has been missing. 
The feedback from the attendees was nothing short of spectacular, after 8 years of this fund raising event I think we finally nailed the magic combo of fund raiser and fun- thanks to West Coast Soul!
Elaine Della-Santina ‘A Taste Of Santa Cruz'