May, 2010 w/ Jimmy Baum
You Tube Links, live at gigs.
"Sunny " w/Jimmy Baum
 Sept 2010
WCS Original "Can't Sleep" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Tyrone Davis "Can I Change My Mind" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Bobby Hebb - "Sunny"
Al Green - "Let's Stay Together"
Robben Ford - "North Carolina"
WCS began as a keyboard trio backing up vocalist James Murray in 2010 with our good friend Jimmy Baum on drums, we tragically lost Jimmy on Sept, 24, 2010.
RIP, Jimmy
Feb 12, 1949 - Sept. 24, 2010
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Stevie Wonder - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
Ray Charles -" Let The Good Times Roll'
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - "Hot Little Mama"
The Temptations, Gnarls Barkley "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" , "Crazy"
West Coast Soul Sampler of clips from
16 tunes all on Aug 25, 2012 at Severino's
Jimmy Baum's Corner
Marvin Gaye "Hitch Hike" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
WCS Original "Stencil of My Soul" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Joe Simon - "Drowning In The Sea Of Love" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Stevie Wonder "Until You Come Back To Me" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
Bill Withers "Use Me" Live at the Cocoanut Grove
WCS Demo - A Sampler of tunes Live at The Cocoanut Grove
Use Me
Next to going to a show, nothing will show you who and what a band is more than a live video. All the links here represent exactly that. This is not post production, lip synced, bouncing cameras with audio over dubs.
The links at the top of the page are from one gig at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz shot in late 2012. We brought in professional video and audio. (See links below)
The links down below the yellow line were shot with a little Zoom Camera up on a ledge with just the little mics on the camera, grainey and not as slick, but you can see and hear the band at the club. A couple of my grainey favorites: Ray's "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Sunny". Above the yellow line please check out a couple of WCS original tunes: "Can't Sleep" & "Stencil of My Soul"
Words and music by James Murray.
I hope you'll click and see and hear who we are.
Audio at Cocoanut Grove
Video at Cocoanut Grove
Gladys Knight "Midnight Train to Georgia" Live at the Cocoanut Grove